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Potholes are more than just ugly, annoying holes in your parking lot; they can also be a massive liability issue. They contribute to insurance budget-busting slip and fall hazards, allow water to collect inside, which will quickly deteriorate the surrounding pavement and can even cause damage to vehicles. When you see the first signs, it is time for asphalt repair work and infrared patching.

Pothole Patching

Potholes usually begin with  small cracks in asphalt that are not repaired promptly with crack-fill. When gaps are left unrepaired, water quickly erodes the asphalt sub-base, creating voids that eventually turn into potholes. Untreated cracks will continue to expand, making it critical to fix cracks as they appear to prevent more potholes from forming.

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How do we fix potholes?

Infrared patching is a permanent asphalt repair solution that can last for many years. Compared to traditional saw-cutting, It’s faster, significantly more cost-effective, and by far a more environmentally friendly way to repair most potholes. The conventional repair method involves full depth reconstruction where an area of pavement is cut out entirely and rebuilt, which is costly and requires much more asphalt material and labor. With our infrared patching technology, you get a long-lasting repair, even during cold weather, so it doesn’t become a more significant problem.

It’s vital to stay proactive with your asphalt pavement maintenance, including annual crack filling and infrared patching of potholes. Crack-filling is a proven maintenance technique to help keep water from entering cracks and deteriorating the asphalt sub-base and can prevent new potholes from forming.


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