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Oil spots can cause significant and permanent damage to the asphalt pavement if they are not eliminated. Nearly every parking lot experiences oil damage due to older cars leaking engine fluids. Or, on some commercial restaurant properties, an accidental spill can leave a sizable area saturated with oil. Numerous oils, including petrol-based products, antifreeze, and even kitchen cooking oils, can destroy pavement by penetrating the surface, causing it to weaken and rapidly deteriorate.

When oil penetrates an asphalt surface, the only way to permanently correct the issue is to remove the oil-saturated asphalt. Some asphalt companies will tell you to treat the spots with a primer and then seal coat.  Solvents and primers are not an entirely effective way to correct oil spill damage: they provide only a short-term solution to clean the area and help the seal coat adhere to oil-damaged pavement.

Conventional saw cut repair methods are not only too costly for a minor oil spot repair. Most asphalt companies charge over $1,100 to fix even a single minor deficiency, and they leave an unsightly seamed patch right in front of your business. Our Pothole Heroes infrared pavement repair method can properly correct an oil spill in a cost-effective and timely manner by heating the area and removing the 2″-3″ of oil-saturated surface material.¬† We then blend fresh asphalt to the remaining healthy asphalt and compact for a seamless patch.


Clean NEW Oil Spots Immediately 

If an oil spot is less than 2 or 3 days old, it may not have had time to absorb it into the asphalt pavement. Try washing the oil away using hot water, a mild detergent (NOT a strong degreaser!), and a soft brush. Once you have cleaned the oil as best you can, test the spot by gently prodding it with a screwdriver. If the pavement crumbles or breaks apart in any way, the binders in the asphalt are already breaking down; you will need to call Pothole Heroes for an infrared pavement patch.

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