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Recycle your asphalt in place and help save the planet


The asphalt industry hasn’t been around that long in the course of human history, but it hasn’t really changed from the inception of paved roads either. Potholes and worn surfaces are repaired pretty much the same way they have been for 100 years.  But times and priorities have changed, and only a disruption in how we all do business will allow commercial customers, municipalities, and all of us to enjoy smooth, safe surfaces when budgets are tight. 

It’s not a secret that practicing preventive maintenance throughout the lifespan of an asphalt surface can extend its usable life and dramatically reduce long-term costs. Hot In-Place Infrared Recycling goes a long way to helping our clients achieve that goal. Hot In-Place Recycling does more than reduce costs by rejuvenating surfaces to good-as-new condition. You save money, the environment and enjoy a long list of other great benefits.

Recycle Asphalt


Did you know that asphalt pavement is THE most recycled material in the US?  Our infrared recycling system combined with our fleet of state-of-the-art eco-friendly trucks takes it one step further. 

Pothole Heroes Hot In-Place Infrared Recycling is an environmentally friendly process in more ways than one. In addition to the dramatic cost-benefit of recycling 100% of your existing pavement, you have the bonus of reducing business disruption and user delays.  We are typically in and out in far left than half the time of conventional repairs.  Less time on the job and running back and forth to asphalt plants means less CO­2 spewing into the air.  In addition, all of our Pothole Heroes’ custom clean-fuel trucks are equipped with solar panels for recharging our battery-powered peripheral equipment like saws and blowers.  Save money, save time, and help us all breathe a little easier. 

Big Change Starts With Big Ideas

For over a century, the asphalt industry has continuously polluted the air we breathe and adversely impacted the health of workers, families, and communities.  The first asphalt roads in the US were paved in 1870, and it took until 2002 for the EPA to no longer consider asphalt a hazardous air pollutant.  

Asphalt is already one of the most recycled products that we all use, but the leadership team here at Pothole Heroes decided to take it to the next level. Let’s change the way we repair asphalt by combining already existing eco-friendly technology with state-of-the-art alternative fuel equipment.  We estimate we can currently put out up to 62% fewer tons of CO2 than our traditional counterparts. That’s a big number, but our goal is to be as close to carbon-neutral (Net-Zero) as we can in the next ten years using existing and developing technologies. 

While cleaner alternatives have been available for over 30 years, resistance from the traditional asphalt industry, lack of sufficient training, and a “profit at any cost” culture has stifled most transition efforts.  We founded Pothole Heroes to disrupt this scenario, anchored in our mission to empower our people to serve our clients and community through our unwavering values of sustainability, excellence, and service.

We are the leaders, not the followers. Change happens now, not later, and it happens with us. 


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