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I've never heard of Infrared Patching? What is it?

It’s pretty simple. Maximize your pavement maintenance budget by refurbishing your asphalt with our infrared system. Our Infrared patching repair method is a cost-effective and permanent repair solution for your asphalt pavement. It requires less raw materials, fewer people to perform the repair, and takes far less time to execute, saving you both time and money. The team at Pothole Heroes, LLC are industry leaders in infrared patching technology and were the first to bring infrared patching to Florida on a large scale. We think outside the box to get proven, practical solutions to repair your pavement problems.


What are the benefits of Infrared Patching?

We’ve shown you that the effectiveness, time, and cost-savings of infrared pavement patching are fantastic; it gets even better. Infrared pavement patching is by far the most environmentally friendly technology available in pavement repair today. Unlike most cut and patch repairs, we recycle almost all the existing asphalt and reuse it in the new patch.


Why Infrared Pavement Patching


Permanent Repair Solution -
Why waste money with a bad cold patch?


Reopen immediately after the repair - We can repair most single potholes entirely in under 20 minutes, start to finish.


Smaller 2-person crew = fewer labor costs, so that we can pass the savings on to you.


Fewer material resources used mean infrared is a more environmentally conscious technology.


The completely seamless infrared patch keeps water out - saw cutting creates four new seams to let water in!


Green! - Existing asphalt is recycled into new pavement right on site.


Pothole Heroes can complete it even in cold weather since we heat the entire pothole area - this means no cold joints to separate.


Cost-effective compared to traditional saw cut and replace asphalt repair.


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