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What is a utility cut?

When a local municipality or utility company needs to repair an underground pipe, gas valve, electrical line, they generally saw-cut the asphalt or concrete pavement surface to dig a trench to repair utility pipes under a parking lot. This cut is not only unsightly; it eventually can sink, creating a trip hazard.  It also wreaks havoc on your paving budget, making it essential to have a cost-effective and permanent pavement repair solution.

Municipalities across Florida are starting to require final patching and finishing of utility trenches to be performed with infrared pavement patching, thanks to the high-quality, seamless patch it delivers. Infrared patching is an entirely seamless thermo-bonded, permanent pavement repair solution. Thanks in part to the fact that there are no cold joints, infrared asphalt patching will not allow any new water to enter the repaired area, helping your pavement last as long as possible.


Why Use Pothole Heroes for Utility Cuts?

We have the latest state-of-the-art infrared recyclers on the market for any sized job.  Our proprietary trucks are specially outfitted to make quick repairs to most utility cuts with 24-hour Emergency Service if needed.   The Pothole Heroes team has experience with infrared pavement patching projects across the state of Florida under every circumstance imaginable. We have more combined experience than anyone statewide in infrared technology.

Because we specialize exclusively in infrared patching technology for utility cuts, we can fast-track contracts and streamline repairs, including emergency patches.  We can also quickly assist other contractors in repairing asphalt and concrete paving deficiencies on short notice.  Pothole Heroes partners with utility contractors and their vendors exclusively as an infrared patching company.  We contract solely to complete the final asphalt patch.


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