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Sealcoating your parking lot does more than make the asphalt black again.  It allows the pavement to stay flexible for as long as possible by protecting the liquid asphalt binder that holds the pavement together. Unfortunately, many seal coating methods don’t get the job done or look bad because of poor application.  The brutal sun can prematurely age your parking lot if not adequately protected.  Because of this, especially here in Florida, seal coating is critical. 

Sealcoat can protect your surface from damaging ultraviolet rays that will dry it out and lead to wear and cracking.  Combine this with our higher-than-average rainfall, and you can see how easily potholes can form.

Parking lot sealcoating Preparation

Preparation of the asphalt is the most critical step of the sealcoating process. It is most often the indicator of a poor job. We must clean the surface, and all cracks 1/4″ and larger need to be blown out and filled with quality, hot-applied crack filler.  

We always option this on our sealcoat jobs if the surface is cracked.  Also, any changes to the striping layout need to be covered with black paint so they don’t show through as the sealcoat wears off over time.

Sealcoat Spray-on vs. Squeegee Application

Most asphalt surfaces have been sealcoated more than once in their lifespan.  You can usually tell as the parking spaces are generally darker than the drive lanes because tires eventually wear the sealcoat off the stones that make up the asphalt surface.  

Since the installer should always cut in the edges of the lot with a squeegee, they are generally darker. Squeegee is usually more robust, but spray leaves a more refined finish.  

We offer both squeegee and spray-on application methods, and we will explain the benefits of both to you for your particular parking surface.

Commercial Grade Cold Tar and Polymer Modified Sealcoat

As our standard sealer, Pothole Heroes proudly offers a high-quality commercial-grade coal tar sealcoat from SealMaster.  This sealer provides both excellent oil and fuel resistance and rich, deep black color.

We also provide the polymer-modified PolyTar from GemSeal as our premium product.  PolyTar is manufactured with polymers that increase overall durability and wear resistance and has the longest life of any sealcoating product.  Both are great products, and we will help you determine which is best for your parking lot, depending on age and use.  

Like-new Finished Product

We meticulously hand-trim the edges of your pavement surface to maintain a clean separation from your concrete borders. 

After the sealcoat process is complete, your pavement will once again have a smooth, deep-black surface with either of our products. We pledge always to do things the right way the very first time.  The result is quality you can count on.

At Pothole Heroes, we would love to be your go-to asphalt sealcoating contractor. We guarantee competitive pricing and offer you sealcoating crews that can handle anything from small to large multi-phase jobs. We can even work over weekends and holidays if needed, resulting in the least disruption to your business.


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