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When it comes to asphalt pavement lifespan, water is the enemy. Here in Florida, we all know we cannot avoid rain; it’s a daily occurrence. Because of this, making sure that you have the correct slope and drainage to your pavement is essential. Even small puddles can cause extensive pavement damage by allowing water time to penetrate even seemingly tiny cracks. This water intrusion causes the pavement sub-base to deteriorate faster than expected. Not only is pavement life shortened if not repaired, but puddles can also increase legal liabilities by causing slip and fall hazards for residential and commercial properties, ultimately raising your premiums. When you notice a pool of water remaining on your pavement for a few hours after it rains, it’s time for repair work.


How Do We Repair Pavement to Prevent A Puddle or Birdbath?

It’s all about the pitch. Our infrared patching method is the only cost-effective tool available on the market to fix pavement grade and repair sunken areas where water puddles collect. To correct this, we use infrared pavement patching to fill in dips and low spots in asphalt and regrade asphalt areas that are too high. Our experienced experts create a new swale in the pavement, allowing water to drain away from the problem area and ensure your pavement has the necessary pitch from proper drainage.

How Do Puddles and Birdbaths Form in the First Place?

Here are the significant reasons why a puddle will form in your asphalt pavement:


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