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Is Your HOA, Condominium, or Multi-family Community At Risk For Accidents due to Speeding?

Speed-Bumps and other traffic calming devices are not all the same.  When it’s time for you to choose the style and layout of your traffic managing devices for your community, it’s essential to consult an expert. The goal of all devices is the same? to force drivers to slow down in areas where children or pedestrians need to coexist with cars and trucks. Drivers are heavily distracted with cell phones, and delivery vans are everywhere these days.  Do not wait for civil action against your property or business to install needed speed calming devices.

We offer no-cost traffic analysis to help you decide on the best solution for your property.  We can design and install:

Traditional Speed Bumps
Modified Speed Humps
Speed Tables
Removable Recycled Rubber Speed Bumps


Don't let speeding drivers put your community at risk

Our infrared expert installers can create each system we offer in a community roadway or parking lot of any age. We can help design a layout that will slow traffic with the least amount of intrusion to drivers depending on local codes.  

We also offer full-service restriping services, so let Pothole Heroes know if you have existing speed bumps that need a refresh with a coat of paint. It’s essential that all roadway or parking lot features like stall lines, curb painting, directional arrows, and other road markings are maintained and visible. Being proactive and maintaining your pavement safety features can significantly impact preventing accidents or injury on your property.


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