Potholes on Commercial Property: Causes and Best Practices for Repair

Are you a commercial property owner constantly on the lookout for defects in your pavement? One of the most frustrating and potentially dangerous issues is the pothole.

Thus, understanding the causes of potholes and how to fix them is crucial to maintaining a safe and functional commercial property.

The Causes of Potholes on Properties

Defined as “normally bowl-shaped holes in the pavement that usually form in low areas, such as wheel paths and utility trenches” by FDOT, potholes in your parking lot can damage cars and lead to accidents in addition to being a trip and fall hazard, resulting in liability for your business.

That being said, potholes are typically caused by changes in weather patterns or heavy traffic over time.

For example, “Water seepage through surface‐layer cracks and other openings can erode the roadbed, which results in the creation of a subsurface cavity,” according to AAA. “When vehicles roll over the weakened area, the surface layer crumbles into the gap beneath and a pothole materializes.”

Water isn’t the only culprit, though. Heavy traffic, particularly from large vehicles — like delivery garbage trucks — can compress the asphalt and cause it to crack over time.

Ready for Reliable Pothole Repair

Once a pothole forms, you will need to repair it as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Thankfully, infrared patching offers a swift, efficient, and sustainable solution to such defects on your property.

Preventing potholes is also an essential part of maintaining your commercial property. One preventative measure is to sealcoat your pavement. This involves applying a protective coating to the surface, preventing water from seeping in and damaging the asphalt.

Additionally, regular maintenance, including filling cracks and potholes as they appear, can prolong the lifespan of your pavement.

Finally, when you find a pothole in need of your time and attention, it’s important to choose a reliable contractor. You may be tempted to choose the lowest bidder, but this can lead to subpar workmanship and ultimately cost you more in future repairs. Instead, consider a contractor with a good reputation and proven experience.

How Pothole Heroes Can Help You

All this begs the question: Who do you call when it’s time to repair potholes on your commercial property? The answer may vary depending on your specific location and needs, but Pothole Heroes is ready to provide you with services that are self-performed, statewide, and sustainable!

After all, potholes are a common issue on commercial properties — but they don’t have to be a liability. And when you call on our team of licensed experts, you can expect state-of-the-art services when you need them.

So why wait?

To learn more about how we combine the highest quality materials with our industry-leading infrared application system, contact our team today by calling 888-363-1111 or emailing [email protected]!

5 Reasons to Hire Pothole Heroes: Solving the Problems for Property Managers

As a property manager or building owner, you know the importance of maintaining your property. One of the most common complaints from tenants or customers is the presence of potholes in the street or parking lot.

These not only create an eyesore but can also cause potential hazards, like costly flat tires or tripping accidents.

That’s where Pothole Heroes comes in — we’re a team of professionals dedicated to filling potholes and making your property safe and attractive.

#1 — Potholes are more than just a cosmetic issue… they are a liability concern

Potholes may seem minor, but they can become a real problem for people who are walking or driving through the area. Injuries, car damage, and other problems can occur due to poorly maintained roads and parking lots.

This not only poses a liability risk for property managers but also detracts from the overall experience for anyone entering the site.

#2 — Hiring professionals saves you time and money

Potholes require proper equipment and materials to be fixed correctly. By hiring professionals like Pothole Heroes, you can avoid the hassle of finding and renting equipment or buying materials.

Plus, the cost of repairs is less in the long run when you consider the damages and risks associated with leaving potholes unattended.

#3 — Working with a dedicated team of experts goes a long way

Pothole Heroes specializes in fixing potholes and other types of asphalt damage or imperfections. Our team can help property managers like you with a variety of different needs, from small repairs to large-scale projects.

With industry-leading technology and over 20 years of experience, we have the knowledge and skills to get the job done right the first time.

#4 — Make a visible positive impact for your tenants or customers

Visible potholes can be a nuisance for tenants or customers. By working with Pothole Heroes, property managers can improve their reputation and foster a better relationship with their tenants or customers.

Clean and well-maintained roads and parking lots can contribute to a more positive overall experience for everyone involved.

#5 — Build a better community with a safe and comfortable environment

Maintaining a property is not just about fixing things when they break. It’s also about providing a safe and comfortable environment for tenants or customers. By working with our team, property managers can make a positive impact on the community and contribute to a better quality of life for everyone who uses the property.

Put simply, potholes can be a major issue for many property managers and building owners. They not only pose a liability risk but also detract from the overall experience for anyone entering the property.

Thankfully, Pothole Heroes is always about providing property managers with services that are self-performed, statewide, and sustainable — one pothole at a time!

So why wait?

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Exploring Your Options: Why Work in the Asphalt Industry?

Have you ever thought about pursuing a career in the asphalt industry? Maybe you’ve seen the pavement being laid and admired the skill of those paving professionals, or your tech-savvy side has been intrigued by all of the tools and machines used to finish up a quality product.

Whatever your motivation, there are many exciting aspects of working with asphalt that can make it a great choice for anyone looking to advance their career.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at why working in the asphalt industry is an opportunity worth considering!

The Benefits of Working in the Asphalt Industry

Working in the asphalt industry offers ample opportunities for growth, competitive salaries, and a sense of pride in contributing to essential infrastructure projects, but fulfillment isn’t where it stops.

In fact, “the industry provides high-paying jobs for workers at every level. The industry pays competitively and provides strong benefits packages,” as reported by the Asphalt Pavement Alliance (APA).

Additionally, pay parity between male and female workers is closer in comparison to nearly any other industry.

Plus, with new infrastructure projects popping up all over the country, there’s no shortage of job opportunities to explore. Overall, working in the asphalt industry is a smart choice for those seeking a fulfilling and fruitful career path.

How to Get Started in the Asphalt Industry

If you’re new to the world of asphalt, getting started can feel overwhelming. That’s why it’s important to take it one step at a time, starting with the basics.

Thankfully, many employers in the industry provide on-the-job training and allow for hands-on experience working with cutting-edge equipment and materials.

“With on-the-job training, workers can earn while they learn, and quickly gain the financial independence to start living the lifestyle they want,” the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) explains.

Overall, consider getting certified or taking classes to deepen your knowledge and skills. With dedication and hard work, you can successfully break into and thrive in the asphalt industry.

Finally, if you’re interested in going to trade school to enter the asphalt industry, the Asphalt Contractors Association of Florida (ACAF) offers scholarships that are available to any Florida resident.

Top Skills Needed to Succeed in the Asphalt Industry

The asphalt industry is a vital part of our infrastructure and requires top-notch skills to keep it running smoothly. Some of the most important skills for success in the asphalt industry include

  • Strong attention to detail
  • Excellent communication skills
  • The ability to work well under pressure
  • And more

Of course, as with any job, a strong work ethic, dedication, and a willingness to keep learning will also be essential for those looking to make a lasting impact in this field. But with the right combination of these skills and a passion for the work, you can help to create safe and efficient roadways that benefit communities and contribute to society as a whole!

Simply put, the asphalt industry can offer countless benefits to those willing to work hard and step up to the plate. The industry provides a wide range of opportunities, from working with materials onsite to performing administrative duties within an office setting.

And if you’re looking for a reliable way to break into or further your existing asphalt career, try reaching out to Pothole Heroes! We believe that with focus, determination, and dedication, everyone has the potential to exceed expectations within the asphalt industry.

Additionally, we operate our services in a way that is self-performing, statewide, and sustainable —- one pothole at a time!

So, are you ready to launch your career in the asphalt industry? To learn more about opportunities open to you, contact our team today by calling 888-363-1111 or emailing [email protected]!

Costing Your Customers in Pothole Damage

Are you a property owner who wants to prevent potholes from damaging the vehicles that use your roads? You’re far from alone.

Potholes can be an inconvenient and costly problem for drivers, with some estimates showing that American drivers are collectively spending tens of billions each year to repair damage caused by them.

This blog post will take a look at the estimated costs associated with pothole-related car repairs, as well as explain how effective repairs and maintenance can help reduce this lingering liability.

The Details of Damage

Potholes can cause big problems for any driver, from the occasional road tripper to the frequent commuter.

Not only can these pesky obstacles create alignment issues that can be costly to fix and slow down a person’s travels — evident in difficulty steering their vehicle — but they also impact a car’s tires over time.

Hitting potholes consistently causes premature wear and tear on tires, taking away from their intended lifespan as well as putting you at risk of flat tires. In fact, if the force of the pothole impact is great enough, “the sudden shift of air inside the tire can cause the sidewall to blow out,” Geico warns.

In other words, if the pothole-related damage is serious enough, your customers may even have to buy new tires completely, furthering the cost of repairing and maintaining their vehicle. Worse, they may direct their frustration at you.

The Facts and Figures

“A new survey from AAA found that last year 1 in 10 drivers sustained vehicle damage significant enough to warrant a repair after hitting a pothole,” according to the AAA Newsroom. “With an average price tag of almost $600 per repair, damage caused by potholes cost drivers a staggering $26.5 billion in 2021 alone.”

Moreover, these drivers reportedly sustained at least two pothole-related damages per year, showing that this is hardly a rare occurrence.

This means that it’s more important than ever for property owners to take extra precautions on their pothole-filled parking lots, roadways, and other high-traffic areas before it’s too late. After all, on-site safety plays an important factor in your business’s reputation, as well.

Simple, Sustainable Solutions

Simply put, potholes are a common nuisance for drivers everywhere and can cause damage to cars and expensive repair costs.

The main causes of potholes are…

  • The freeze-thaw cycle
  • Water over-saturation
  • Increased traffic
  • And more

Fortunately, there are many solutions available to reduce their presence on your property.

For example, infrared patching offers a quick, efficient, and eco-friendly solution to fill in potholes. During the process, the infrared machine is used to raise the temperature of the road surface to soften the old asphalt, making it pliable again. A small amount of new asphalt is added as needed, and new and old asphalt are worked together to create a watertight bonded repair.

What’s more, this process can be completed in less than 30 minutes!

And if you’re not sure who to call to repair your potholes, employ rapid solutions, and design solutions that are tailored to your unique needs, Pothole Heroes has you covered!

Here at Pothole Heroes, you can expect three primary features:

  • Sustainable solutions
  • A self-performing team
  • Statewide service

So why wait?

To learn more about how we combine the highest quality materials with our state-of-the-art infrared application system, contact our team today by calling 888-363-1111 or emailing [email protected]!

Choosing the Right Material for Patching Potholes: The Advantages of Hot Mix Asphalt

Potholes are an all-too-familiar sight on roads and highways across the country. They can cause damage to vehicles, reduce driver safety, and even create hazardous driving conditions.

Fortunately, there is a reliable and cost-effective solution for patching potholes: hot mix asphalt.

That’s why we’re here today to explore why hot mix asphalt is the best choice for parking lot repairs compared to other materials like cold mix asphalt, concrete, or gravel. So if you’re looking to learn more about a quality material that will fix your pothole problem without breaking the bank, then read on!

What is Hot Mix Asphalt?

“Hot mix asphalt is used primarily as paving material and consists of a mixture of aggregate and liquid asphalt cement, which are heated and mixed in measured quantities,” the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) explains. “Hot mix asphalt facilities can be broadly classified as either drum mix plants or batch mix plants, according to the process by which the raw materials are mixed.”

This material is commonly used in roadway and parking lot construction, as well as for patching potholes. The aggregate materials typically include sand, gravel, crushed stone, and other minerals.

To create the asphalt mixture, all of these materials are heated in a drum and then mixed together. Once cooled down, the material is spread and packed into the pothole, creating a durable and reliable repair job.

Why is Hot Mix Asphalt Superior?

Hot mix asphalt is superior to cold mix asphalt for numerous reasons.

Firstly, hot mix asphalt is produced in a plant and heated to around 300 degrees Fahrenheit before being mixed with the aggregate materials and spread into the pothole, according to the Federal Highway Administration (FHA). This ensures that all of the ingredients are properly mixed and distributed within the patch, resulting in a more durable repair job.

In addition to its superior performance and durability, one of the major advantages of using hot mix asphalt for pothole repair is its cost-effectiveness.

Cold patch asphalt is more costly as it is typically sold in small bags or buckets.  It is a temporary repair that usually lasts a few weeks. Hot mix asphalt, however, is not stored for later use.

Who Should I Call to Repair My Potholes?

When patching potholes, choosing the right material is essential to creating a durable and lasting repair job. When compared with other materials such as cold mix asphalt, concrete, or gravel, hot mix asphalt is the superior choice! Its combination of superior performance, durability, and cost-effectiveness makes it a no-brainer for patching potholes quickly and efficiently.

Here at Pothole Heroes, we know that If you are looking for a reliable solution for fixing your pothole problem without breaking the bank, then hot mix asphalt is the way to go. That’s why we partner with local asphalt suppliers in order to perform your repairs quickly and efficiently!

So, are you ready to overcome your pavement-related obstacles? To learn more about how we combine the highest quality materials with our state-of-the-art infrared application system, contact our team today by calling 888-363-1111 or emailing [email protected]!