Potholes on Commercial Property: Causes and Best Practices for Repair

Are you a commercial property owner constantly on the lookout for defects in your pavement? One of the most frustrating and potentially dangerous issues is the pothole.

Thus, understanding the causes of potholes and how to fix them is crucial to maintaining a safe and functional commercial property.

The Causes of Potholes on Properties

Defined as “normally bowl-shaped holes in the pavement that usually form in low areas, such as wheel paths and utility trenches” by FDOT, potholes in your parking lot can damage cars and lead to accidents in addition to being a trip and fall hazard, resulting in liability for your business.

That being said, potholes are typically caused by changes in weather patterns or heavy traffic over time.

For example, “Water seepage through surface‐layer cracks and other openings can erode the roadbed, which results in the creation of a subsurface cavity,” according to AAA. “When vehicles roll over the weakened area, the surface layer crumbles into the gap beneath and a pothole materializes.”

Water isn’t the only culprit, though. Heavy traffic, particularly from large vehicles — like delivery garbage trucks — can compress the asphalt and cause it to crack over time.

Ready for Reliable Pothole Repair

Once a pothole forms, you will need to repair it as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Thankfully, infrared patching offers a swift, efficient, and sustainable solution to such defects on your property.

Preventing potholes is also an essential part of maintaining your commercial property. One preventative measure is to sealcoat your pavement. This involves applying a protective coating to the surface, preventing water from seeping in and damaging the asphalt.

Additionally, regular maintenance, including filling cracks and potholes as they appear, can prolong the lifespan of your pavement.

Finally, when you find a pothole in need of your time and attention, it’s important to choose a reliable contractor. You may be tempted to choose the lowest bidder, but this can lead to subpar workmanship and ultimately cost you more in future repairs. Instead, consider a contractor with a good reputation and proven experience.

How Pothole Heroes Can Help You

All this begs the question: Who do you call when it’s time to repair potholes on your commercial property? The answer may vary depending on your specific location and needs, but Pothole Heroes is ready to provide you with services that are self-performed, statewide, and sustainable!

After all, potholes are a common issue on commercial properties — but they don’t have to be a liability. And when you call on our team of licensed experts, you can expect state-of-the-art services when you need them.

So why wait?

To learn more about how we combine the highest quality materials with our industry-leading infrared application system, contact our team today by calling 888-363-1111 or emailing [email protected]!

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